1. Drowning



Thoughts of you get all replayed.
Posted memories never fade.
Rivers from my eyes falling down my face.
It's raining in my heart more than I can take.

Feels just like I'm undertaken.
Mu hands are shaking.
My body's aching.
Night after night these walls get taller.
I'm under water. I'm under a wave....

Drowning in an ocean when it's you I need.
Drowning in emotion when It's all I see.
Your love is like a rose that I saw that died.
Drowning in my tears ev'ry time I cried.

What I'd give for one more kiss.
A minute lasts for hours when I feel like this.
There's a part of me that you awake.
But, when I realised, it was too late.

Feels just like I'm under your spell
and I just can't tell... the deepest I fell.